Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I loved this man

My friend Linda called me tonight to let me know that Frank Amestoy had passed away.

There is so much I could say. I am profoundly saddened!

He always served the Dr. Peppers and the green things with a smile. There were alot of my dollars on that ceiling. Now matter how many times I crawled on top of the Jukebox to dance he would always calmly get me down or send Lucy over I always got down quicker for Lucy.

My brother worked there so Frank kept an extra close eye on me in the bar.

When ever my shirt would start to come up he would shoot me that look like you better not. Others girls he didn't care. It was always outside the doors that I got in trouble. I mean as soon as I got out the doors. I guess I did het in a littl trouble in the bathroom. The place only had on for the girls and things happen when you get in there. They always did!

Man those were some buck ass crazy good times.

Hey Frank save me a seat at the bar and maybe a green thing or two.



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