Thursday, February 02, 2006

Angeline Jolie

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Angelina Jolie

I was just watching Good Morning America and they were interviewing Angelina Jolie. Yeah Angelina gives away 1/3 of her income and that is great it is way more then most of Hollywood money grubbers do.

But does that excuse the fact the she is a man stealin whore. I mean really. When she married Billy Bob Thorton, Billy Bob was engaged to Laura Dern. Laura found out the engagement was over when she saw them on T.V. Then there is Brad and everyone knows about Brad. The media has shoved them down our throats like they were a real news story.

She may give lots of money to causes and adopts children and gives them a home. But she is not a nice person. And I really don't care to hear anymore about Angelina and Brad. After all she is a man stealin whore. REMEMBER?!

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Bomb Ass Crazy said...

I agree! Lots of people, famous or otherwise give lots of money, she's not the only one but she's still a man stealin whore!