Thursday, June 29, 2006

Front Page says good bye to Star

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The View

My prediction is that the View will suck next year. Some one should tell ms Walters that people quit watching Rosie's show Cuz Rosie sucks!

First Meredith now Star. The View will suck and everyone will quit watching and watch Tyra instead.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

North Korea

Some interesting pics from North Korea

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Living Fossil found

Articles on Iraq

Ann Coulter

I guess not as many people are as upset with Ann as the Libs would like us to think. These four women are being used as Political pawns for Kerry. The simple fact that they blame Bush for the 9/11 attacks is proof enough. Bill Clinton ignored Bin Laden and his group of psychos for 8 years. He ignored attack after attack on American here and abroad. Bin Laden thought Bush would not react and George Bush reacted unlike Clinton who cowered like a pussy.

There are lots of 9/11 widows standing up for Ann and thanking her for addressing the subject of these four women.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mentos and Diet Coke.

This is a good video of Mentos and Diet Coke. Brought to you by the guys at Best one I have seen yet.

Al Gore and his movie

Seems as if the Scientist have a lil different view then Al does. Maybe Gore should stick to inventing things like he did with the internet. It seems Al is pinning his hopes of running for President on this movie.

Friday, June 09, 2006

So I fell in one of my rose bushes. It was a bit painful. I dug out a trench behind my rose bush and was putting plastic down inthe trench when I lost my balance. I tried grabbing on to the side of the house to no avail. So I let out this yell. My husband said it sounded like a wounded animal. Then I tried ever so slowly to fall into the bush. It seemed to work out okay. The damage to my person was way less the expected.

This song goes out to

our friend Zarqawi

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Well Satan Day came and went with out anything big happening. Well I think nothing happened. I pretty much missed the whole day hangin out smokin crack with SATAN and killing ll kittens. That is why nothing happened it was not the month long pray a thon. It was me keepin the big red dude busy.

So everyone say thank you MS Fanni.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What a fargin idiot.
If only I lived in the space where God is with Oprah.

Then I too could be a self righteous whatchmacallit. I think these people have gone nutty. They need to come hang at my crib for a day or two and see what real life is all about. Then they would quit taking themselves so damn seriously.

People like me

You know there are alot of people my age who vote Republican or Democrat just for one or two issues. Like me I vote Republican because of taxes and terrorism. I support gay rights, I am pro choice both typically Democrat issues. I also believe Pot should be legalized and all the money should be given to schools. I like drinken, cussin and smokin. I believe in God but don't go to church.

To me my taxes are more important then gay rights and terrorism is more important then pro choice. While pro choice is important. People who blow us up seems to be a bigger issue to me.
Plus Democrat leaders are weird. They are all cock eyed and goofy lookin. Even the spokes people for Dems are weird.

What we need is a another political party. One that wraps everything into one group. We need an independent candidate that is not totally off the wall. We need to leading politicians to break off from their prospective parties and run as independents. Say McCain and Lieberman or Giuliani and Condi. We need some legitimate independent candidates to run.

There are a whole bunch of twenty, thirty and forty something people who are disenfranchised from both parties.

Log Cabin Republicans grasp it now we need a candidate that does.

Bunch of pctures


The catapillar we caught became a moth.

The boots my Cuzzin Tim sent me.