Monday, April 28, 2008

Dear Mr Sharpton,

I would call you Reverend Al Sharpton, but you quit working for the Lord a long time ago. You are basically a charlatan. You lost sight of you goal and purpose long ago. What your doing NOW is inciting riots. If you continue with your shutting down the city campaign more people will die and there will be way more violence then the 50 bullet wedding day shooting that has caused this reaction from you. I believe that if riots do occur from your actions and encouragement that you should be prosecuted for any deaths, beatings or thefts that occur. Remember Rodney King and the shutting down of shut LA. Remember the riots. The insanity.Remember the man that was pulled from his truck and beat. You are asking for a repeat performance and it is frightening. What did the population of New York do to be punished? What did the population of LA do to be punished?

Friday, April 18, 2008


Charlene died. She was like my . She had Alzheimer's. She was like an aunt to me
when I was growing up. She was my foster mother's cousin, and they were raised together. I think she felt what I was feeling. Since she grew up without her mom. Her mother drowned trying to save someone else. So I think she felt for me. Every time I would see her she would have something special for me. Or do something speacial with me. Trips to the tea house in Colorado. We would all get dressed up and eat cucumber sandwiches and have tea. Speacial shopping trips. Going to visit her was so much fun. I was even in two of her daughters wedding as the flower girl.

I don't know if she ever knew the effect she had on my life. She will be missed.

I also lost my cousin David Muchmore. I did not know him well. From not growing up in my birth family. He was my mother's 1/2 brothers son. He was a very sweet loving guy. I know he is in Heaven. I hope he is running through heaven having the time of his life. He could not do what all the other kids did when he was younger. I hope he is experiencing it now.

We also lost Chopper. My friends big dog. He was a big love dog. Mongo misses him, too. Chopper was the third loss of the year and it put me in a deep funk that I found hard to pull out of. But I have, The sun came out so that helped alot.

So this year there have been four signifigant losses. I hope there are not more to come.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


He was one of the most caring loving men I have ever met. He fought harder for me then anyone in my life.

I will miss him more then you will ever know. I want to go to the phone and call home and hear him say. "Hey dani whats up? Heard any good music? I heard this group today." His heart was broken after my mother died. I don't think it ever healed. When we removed him from the machines it was the most awful day of my life. I will never forget it it. It haunts me still.

There are so many things I want to say to him. But he is gone now what the HELL can I say nothing, I can say nothing. I can do nothing.
Who will hear me calling you? Who will feel my tears? Who will stop the rain? Who will stop the pain?