Sunday, January 15, 2006


So my neighbor told my other neighbors land lord that my other neighbor and I are lesbians that hung out at the bar all day then went some where and did the nasty. I wish I had the time.

HELLO! I am married if I was having sex with the neighbor lady that would make me Bi-Sexual not lesbian. Get it right bitches! How high school are these people? I hate them.

When the guys across the street, who happen to be gay had a party they harrassed their guest by calling them fags and homos and threw eggs at their cars. They are total and complete assholes.

SO I stood in my backyard on Friday night, another activity I owe to Cabo, ringing my dinner bell and yelling that I was a bi-sexual and my neighbor was a lesbian whore. Is that not awesome or what? My neighbor was sawing in the yard so I would wait for the saw to stop and I would ring my dinner bell and yell something. Not sure what all I said. But everyone seemed to enjoy it.

It does not offend me that they called me a lesbian. I mean come on maybe that would offend some redneck like them but, I find the whole thing quite amusing. CUZ you know they ALL want to do it with me.


Bomb Ass Crazy said...

Yea, that's right...they want to eat at the Y! They're just jealous because all of "us" are hanging out together on one weekend night and they are not included. So, they have to make up crazy shit to get some attention.

Anonymous said...

well wasnt that f*ckin cozy!