Thursday, January 26, 2006

I know its late but..

Crazy Walters 10 most fascinating people of 2005

Kanye West.. Weird egotistical yuck!
Tom Cruise... Yikes, Yipes, Creepy and double Yuck (dudes like crazy chicks, chicks don't like crazy dudes)
Lance Armstrong.... Sheryl Crow Yuck
Jaime Foxx... Another egotistical freak. Who can't really sing has one too many yes men
Camilla Duchess of Cornwall... Husband stealin yuck
Dakota Fanning... mmm not all that interesting future messed up child celebrity made a movie
Tom Mesereau.... nothing comes to mind
Condoleeza Rice... Most interesting indeed
Teri tell me again what did she do
Beth Holloway Twitty... it is a sad story, blame the parents that were on that trip for her daughters disappearance, sue them and make them partly responsible for her disappearance, not just the people of Aruba. The chaperones are getting off scott free.

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