Sunday, January 29, 2006

Head wraps

When I see these guys in the Middle East with their heads all wrapped up with just their eyes sticking out parading around with rocket launchers I just want to shoot them. Is that wrong?
These guys are giant pussies.
They hide behind women and children to fight.
They take women as hostages.
They plant bombs and run away.

The head cover just shows that they have no guts. They are not real men. Real men stand and fight for what they believe in. They let you see who they are before they kill you. These guys are not standing and fighting. They bomb civilians on buses and will not stand and fight real soldiers. Nest time these guys are parading up and down the street with the rocket launchers calling for death to Israel. Israel would launch a big ass crazy bomb right into the middle of them. And they should let Stephen Spielberg push the button that launches it.


Anonymous said...

Damn right.When the U.S.sends it's
equipment to a foreign country,it
gets used.As soldiers or Marine's,
we never stood around firing into
empty air.We saved our ammo.To fire
it into the air means you lack
purpose.Then get a job.Productive
and utilitarian.Plus you'll save
boo-ku on ammo.Gotta love the way
America delineates priorities.

Anonymous said...

America delineates it's priorities
differently than these radicals.We
only fire our weapons into empty
air three times if we're lost,and
only then if it wouldn't compromise
your location.Let Hamas waste all
of their ammo by firing it into the
air.They're devoid of common sense.