Sunday, January 15, 2006

1st one

So Thursday night we went to Beaver's Inn. They should change the name to Beaver's out and take off their bottoms. I mean to be serious here. What guy wants to go to a topless bar when the city is crawling places that let their Beaver's out?

It was quite sad. I usually enjoy our little outings to see the ladies. But... I had never been to Beaver's Inn. It was a little scarey. I had my flask of Cabo so I knew I would be fine.

It was weird the walls and furniture were meant. But the stuff had been there so long it was all matted and greasy.

The chicks are so strung out the whole thing would of been sad if tweekers didn't irritate nme so much. The beavers are right smack dab in the middle of tweeker central. I did not even go up to the rak. It was gross in there. And the men that were up at the rak. Were scary. You could have snapped one of these chicks in half like a pencil and there were actually men interested in seeing them.

They had really inventive names too like lovely. I mean come on lovely at least Sahara or Smoki cuz the cigarette hangin out her mouth. She was missen teeth she was not lovely. And the chick that worked the bar she was the lucky tweeker, she got herself a job worken behind the bar. Otherwise we would of probably had to look at her cans.

So guys if you are hunten beaver pelt don't go to the Beavers Inn.

The thing that made the whole trip worth it was the 10 police cars flying by chasing one of those rice races. Probaly had some high school dude driven it in a Ninja Turtle shirt.

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