Sunday, January 27, 2008


How many stars do we have to loose? We have lost so many Hendrix, Joplin, Elvis, Morrison, Cobain, Belushi, Phil Hartman(crazy coked out wife killed him) Farley, Renfro even Dana Plato. All these were related to drug problems that were ignored in the name of money, (except Hartman) .

I find it astounding that as humans we continue to ignore this problem. We call it tragic. It was stupid and it was ignored by everyone but his girlfriend Michelle Williams.

Why as long as we get to see a good movie? To see our favorite actor. As long as these people are making money or putting out movies, no one cares that they are all messed up. It is stupid. Really how many do we have to loose over stupidness? Not just stars the average guy on the street.

People call it tragic. I call it stupid. Stupid to spend you life locked in your mind. Putting more and more drugs into your body til one day you die. We all know Heath had a lot of good work left in him, so did Hendrix and Joplin all of them did.

How many stars do we have to loose to drugs befor we quit saying? Oh That was tragic. No it was expected. Before we quit calling it tragic and start calling it as. Is it really acceptable that young Hollywood is killing themselves.

Axel Rose a great songwriter and musican would rather shoot heroin then share his music with the world. Look at Brit she is on the verge of being next.

Young Hollywood is dieing. It has been for a long time. Some of them are not even dead they are just locked in their minds, locked in the addiction never to really do anything again, but wait to die.

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Sweetheart of the Rodeo said...

Don't forget Gram. Everyone forgets Gram Parsons. And while his death may not have been spectacular, what happened to him after death certainly is.