Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What was 14 year old Danny Crawford doing out after midnight egging cars? Where was his mother? Where was the parental supervision of these kids? The mother is just as responsible for her sons death as the man that gunned him down is. You won't find my kids roaming the streets after midnight. Shit you won't find then roaming the streets at all.



Anonymous said...

I am his mother. He was living with his father, and if you actually read the articles he was spending the night with a friend who obviously has an irresponsible father.

You really should check your facts before you post sstupid comments

msfanni said...

Oh so your the DUMB BITCH!

msfanni said...

Tweeker mom kid can't live with you?

msfanni said...

Like I said where was the parental supervision of this child? Saying he was in someone elses care is relly just lame. We are responsibility for keeping our children safe and knowing where they are.

This childs parents failed him. The other boys parents failed him too.

I also don't think your his mother. It seems to me a mother whos son just died might be doing something besides cruising the internet. But hey thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Dumb bitch for allowing him to live with his father yes. For believing his father would protect him and be a parent not a playmate yes.

But he has lived with me all of his life, boys need fathers.

You are the type of people who make this world they way it is.

I do have a lot better things to do than cruise the internet, but when your website pops up with my sons name on it i read it!!!!!!!
And until you have been in my shoes, try not to judge or assume you know what you would or wouldnt be doing.