Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cheney's daughter is pregnant


I love all the headlines CHENEY'S GAY DAUGHTER PREGNANT. Nice you simple minded a-holes!

I have been reading the comments over atPerez'z page. Everyone including Perez point the finger at Republicans for not supporting gay marriage. LMAO! It is not the Republicans. It is both parties. To narrow it down to a Republican/Democrat issue simplifies the issue and gives people someone to blame. It is across the board. Oregon is a very Liberal state. The recent election is proof of that. But yet the gay marriage amendment voted on in 04' did not pass. WHAT IN A LIBERAL STATE?! Yes in a liberal state. That is because once again. It is not a dem repub issue. There are people out there from both parties that are scared of the words gay marriage.

They think they will go to HELL just for voting for it. Gays deserve the same rights as we do. Plain and simple. But throwing the word marriage in there is what is causing the whole problem. I know alot of gay people do not like the words Civil Union. But that just might pass more easily then Gay Marriage.

For all those Christians in both parties the word marriage connected to gay is not feasible it is not something that they can comprehend.

If everyone would come together and compromise maybe call it Civil Marriage. Call it anything except gay marriage and it will pass. There are alot of simple minded people who will never understand gays. The same way there are simple minded people who will never understand Republicans.

There is a new Republican it started with Jesse Ventura, Then Arnold and there will be more. Kinky was one. He was just a little too crazy to get elected.

When there are more of the New Republicans is when Gay Marriage, Civil Unions or Civil Marriage will pass.

John Kerry, Hill and Bill Clinton, John Edwards do not and did not support gay marriage. Remember DOMA during the Clinton years. It was sponsored by both parties. Remember Don't ask, Don't tell. How easily we forget that the Democrats are quick to abandon the gay community when they are needed most.

I voted for Gay marriage and so did my Republican friends so go figure.

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