Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Paris, Lindsey, Avril etc.

You know I could not imagine growing up in the public eye. Between the ages of 17-23 I was totally out of control. It is actually a surprise to me that I made it out alive.

Partying, running wild in the streets, boys, girls, drugs, coke, weed ectasy, sex drugs rock n roll. I could not imagine being followed by people who published everything I did. There would of been some damn good pictures. they are still young folks don't expect them to act like their forty.

The thing I don't understand is the flashing the beav thing. WHY?! I mean moon us or something. Give us the backwards beav shot. The getting out of the and just barely giving a peek. SILLINESS! Bend over and flash that thing if your really serious.

They think they are being outrageous. But its just not that outrageous. Its like look my big bald beav fell out. OH NO!

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