Sunday, November 26, 2006

A prime example

Of how Portland sucks. I have this lady I babysit for. The state paid me for a while until she lost her job. Why did she loose her jobs? She tested positive for meth while on the diversion program. The city went to her job and arrested her. So she was fired. There for she needed more support from the state. They did not keep her in jail. She continued the diversion program never testing positive again, while continuing to use. She actually graduated from the program. She was clean and off drugs now right. Wrong she was arrested again after being caught on tape making a drug deal while her kids were there. Nice huh. They did not take her to jail once again. Because her son is special needs and there was no on to take him at the time. Her mother with dementia was also there. So off to diversion she went again. Giving a clean urine sample for every "random" test she took. Last night there is a call on my caller I.D. from Clackamas County Sheriffs. It was her she had been arrested again. I didn't answer. So any bets that she gets out and goes back into diversion.

Diversion is a joke. It is a waste of taxpayers money. She tells me how she passes her test. She has her daughter pee in a cup. She tells the lady watching her she can't pee. Ask her to turn on the water. While her back is turned she pours her daughters urine in the cup. There are so many people that go through this program doing drugs the whole time. How random can a drug test be if they call you and tell you tomorrow we are going to test you? A random drug test should be exactly that random when she shows up for her "diversion class' she should have to pee in a cup without any warning what so ever. The citizens of Oregon are being forced to pay for yet another program that is failing. It is just turning the tweekers back out on the streets to dig through our trash and sale their food stamps for meth. This is not the only case. I had two neighbors in Tualatin that held decent jobs, did meth and were in diversion never failed a test either. Graduated and got their little certificates that said they were both clean. A year later they are living in their car. Still doing meth. But at least they had their certificate to hang on the wall of their van. Yea for Portland once again!

What is weird to me is that I can look at these people and tell they are on meth. But their counselors in the program can't. They need to give these tweekers the hair drug test or draw blood. Because the urine test is not working. If they fail the test once while in diversion they should go straight to jail.

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