Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oregon libs

I wonder how the Oregon libs feel about electing Kuloncowski now? Pretty stupid huh. They all yell that they want change that the schools are bad, economies in the dumps. So what do the stupid libs do they re-elect the man who has done nothing. He added 35,000 more kids to the Oregon Health plan. YEA! More tweekers kids get free medical care while their parents stay home and smoke meth. Yea for meth smoking Oregonians and we the working people who support them.

And then theres the floods. He still has not apologized for saying a little rain in Oregon is not a national emergency. While the city of Tillamook is washing away. And when asked about his comment he stammered as much as he did during his acceptance speech! The man can not complete a sentence with our saying uh.

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