Thursday, November 09, 2006

Its mind bogglin I tell ya. The state of Oregon is in trouble our schools are failing, tweekers are roaming the street virtually unbothered by the police. There are Bridge beavers working across from businesses in front of our children. Standing in front of taverns and at the bus stops. We have people rumaging through our trash in broad day light. They don't even wait til its dark. Trash day they are out there at 8:00 in the morning diggint through our trash. Right in front of us.

We are taxed to the point that we can't afford to be taxed anymore, then they tax us more. They do away with all their natural resources that made the State money and expect the people to make up for the loss. People are whining and complaining and want change.

So what do they do? They vote for the same people who caused the problem. I don't understand it. Democrats have run our state into the ground. The don't care about anyone in this state except for the people on welfare. People with jobs are seen as fair game. As benefactors. People to suck more money out of. We who own our own homes are forced to support people who do not want to do anything for themselves. The people who feel the Government owes it to them to take care of them and their families.

It's a bunch of CRAP. Darlene Hooley does not give a hooey about the hard working people of Oregon, neither does Kulongougeme or WU. We are their cash cow and they need to start caring.

There has been a extreme mismanagement of money in the State and we just hand it back over to the people who made the mess.


Geo said...

Okay, I looked up "tweekers," so I have a rough idea what they are.

But all I could find about "Bridge Beavers" refers to the animal. Is there another meaning?

msfanni said...

There is a bridge by our house where the prostitutes stand. We call them bridge beavers. Tweekers are basically meth heads. We have a huge problem with them in SE Portland. Which no one seems to care to do anything about.