Monday, October 23, 2006

Why do we have to pay for tweekers medical treatment? Did you know that the city of Portland paid to have a tweeker who had already had three open heart surgeries(that we paid for) to be airlifted from Lincolin CIty to Portland for medical care. She chooses to keep doing crystal meth. But we are responsible for repairing and providing up keep for the body she chooses to destroy? If a person chooses to destroy their body why do we the hard working tax payers have to pay for its repair.

But yet our schools need money and our kids aren't learning.? But hey tweeken Susie needs new teeth. Tweeken Pete has a bad heart. Why because of meth, because of their personall choices?

Why are our kids not learning because we oay for these peoples up keep. And their speed. We give them all food stamps which they trade for speed. then they go get food from the food bank cuz they done traded their food stamps for meth. So we pay for the up keep and their meth.

What the Hell does a tweeker need new teeth for? They are usually homeless and wandering ther streets turning tricks for cash to buy more meth. They don't need teeth for turning tricks. Plus after they get the teeth they continue to use meth, which continues to eat away at their gums so then they need new teeth cuz their teeth don't fit no more.
Then when we repair their heart and they keep doing more meth so then what do we do pay for a heart transplant. So they can destroy that heart too? It is just stupid to pay for the up keep of people who are destroying themselves!

It is a viscous cycle that is a huge money pit and Tom Potter and Ted Kulongougus want to throw more money down that pit. I say put a man holecover over that pit and let them fend for themselves! It'll save us alot of money. Everyone who receives state aid should pass a drug test.

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