Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Barbra, the Dixie Chicks and others fail to realize is that all their fans aren't Bush haters. 1/2 of the population of the US is Republican. And yes we too watch TV, buy concert tickets and C.D.'s. Alot of us have quit buying movie tickets and maybe more of us will quit buying CD's. Why do the stars choose to alienate 1/2 of their fan base by sticking their politics in what they do? I mean REPUBLICANS ARE FANS TOO!



Anonymous said...

Republicans are fans. True. Republicans are also idiots. True.

msfanni said...

We may be stupid but at least we are easy on the eyes. Only ugly people vote Democrat. Have you noticed all the UGLY people who represent Democrats on that there television are ugly? Some of them don't even change out their Hanes to-shirts.
Some of them ladies are down right scary! BOOOOOOOO! They don't even need no mask for Halloween.

And them men Franken, Carville and Colmes. You'd have to duct tape their mouths and put a bag on their heads to fuck em. I bet they would squeal like them deliverance boys did!

Why you gettin so angry are you one of them there ugly libs?

Aren't you the stupid one comin to my web site and callin people names? Did I hunt you down or did you come to me? HMMM! Now ain't that the pot callen the kettle black.

Its sure is nice we stupid Republicans can download the Dixie Chick's music for free on that there internet and not ever give them a dime.

I sure would like to see a neked picture of Natalie I hear she shaves down there ya know.

I done heard it on my satellite radio in my SUV whilest I was out runnin over lil bit cute bunny rabbits in my SUV with raised tires. Right after I bagged me a baby deer and then drank its Blood.

msfanni said...

Ya'll ain't just ugly on the outside but inside too.