Monday, October 23, 2006

James Chasse

This mans family blames the police for their brother being dead because they can not accept the fact that they turned their back on him. His brother chose to ignore the fact that his brother was mentally ill and wandering the streets of Portland. Causing inconvenience for and maybe even harm to the people of Portland. But hey as long as he did not have to deal with the situation right. As long as his brother was "safe and alive" right.

Wrong. He shirked his responsibility. And now his brother is dead and they want to point their fingers at everyone else but themselves. Why not pay for the help his brother needed. Too much money or too much hassle to deal with him?

Portland has a real problem with homelessness with the mentally ill and tweekers roaming the streets and the families of these people choose to let the police deal with the problem. They know that their family members can be violent and out of control. But instead of handling the members of their families themselves its easier to turn their backs and ignore the situation and let the city of Portland and its residents deal with these people. But now that he is dead all of a sudden they care.

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