Monday, July 24, 2006

I think ol George needs to use the S*** word more often in this whole Middle East situation. Maybe throw a few F*** words in there too. He needs to come off like Reagan did?! Make these people understand that he will not hesitate to use force against them.

I have told people for years that the war in Iraq was for one thing and one thing only to position ourselves right in the Middle of all the mess. Right on the border of the countries that need the biggest spanking. Iran, Syria. Boom we are right there. We don't have to move all our troops in. We could not have invaded Iran. We could invade Iraq and it gave us a stronghold in the region. Plus everyone came. When we went to Afghanistan the only people that came were the Taliban, the one American dude and a couple of Australians. The terrorist were too poor to get to Afghanistan and Bin Laden ain't gonna pay their way to get there. So they all poured in to Iraq. It was the right move at the right time and BOOM there we are ready to move into Iran and take all the terrorist with us. Then they can blow up their own country for a change.

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