Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another "Peace Activist" hard at work kicken ass and taken names.

White Men Can’t Jump, but Might Have Assaulted

In his supposed quest for peace, Woody Harrelson wrote a column in 2002 about a hypothetical presidency of his own.

According to Harrelson’s article, which was published in the U.K. Guardian, a Harrelson administration would cut the defense budget in half and close all nuclear power plants.

In other words, if Harrelson were president he would ensure that we would lose our superpower status and guarantee that we were completely and utterly dependent on foreign oil.

Harrelson reportedly said, “The war against terrorism is terrorism. The whole thing is just bull****.”

His quest for peace might be better pursued closer to home.

Recently, as he left a Hollywood celebrity hotspot, the actor-activist allegedly assaulted a photographer.

The Los Angeles Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation into the incident.

The star of “People vs. Larry Flint” was leaving the nightclub, Element, when the assembled paparazzi began to take a few photographs.

Harrelson purportedly asked one of the cameramen, Josh Levine, to stop snapping. He then walked over, put his hand on the camera and again asked Levine to stop.

As a fight broke out between the two men, another photographer who was present shot some pictures of the altercation.

Levine has filed a criminal complaint against Harrelson.

Harrelson's publicist told, "Unfortunately, this is not the first or last time the paparazzi have provoked an incident with a celebrity. Mr. Harrelson is evaluating all of his legal options against the photographer."

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Michael Harrington said...

Unfortunately, due to the Princess Diana incident, the paparazzi have received little sympathy coming from the general public.

Woody Harrelson deserves anything irritating that comes his way. He's an ungrateful, antagonistic little ass who hates his country/race.