Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have a virgin question....?

SO when Muslims die and get their virgins. Are they all Muslim virgins? Or do they get Jewish, Baptist virgins or just Muslim virgins? Do they get boys virgins or just girl ones?

Are they enough virgins to go around? Do only the men get the virgins for becoming martyrs or do the women martyrs get virgins too? And how about the 12 year olds that blow themselves up do they get virgins or are they too young to get virgins?

I think if I was a Jewish virgin and saw bombs coming at my house I would do it with the first person I could find? Cuz who wants to spend eternity with a hairy Muslim man who does not wear deodorant? Really? Does the virgin thing make sense?" Would God really sentence some Buddhist virgin to eternity with a hairy unabomber?

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