Friday, April 07, 2006

The Pink House

Some of you may know that in Oregon live sex shows are legal. Saturday night we decided to explore this subject further.

We went to the PINK HOUSE. Yes the PINK HOUSE. The house every 13-17 year old boy wonders about. Well wonder no more it SUCKED! Yeah I said sucked.

I could go to 92nd Street Club and get more of a show then that. And this paticular show cost 150 bucks. Yes I 150 bucks. It sucks and the chicks just beg you for more money the whole time. I should of known something was wrong when the chick said we were welcome to remove our clothes. I was like WHAT?!UH WHY?! Am I puttin on this show or are you bitch? Then it just preceded to go down hill from there.

So fellow Portlanders don't go to the PINK HOUSE on 82nd street. I hear Mr. Peeps has better shows, although I do not speak from experience on that one.


Geo said...

Sounds like the kind of place that might have a sign outside saying "Tourists Only."

bodhi said...

sounds like the "donkey shows" they have in Mexico! Never did see any donkeys - but i did get "rolled" in the alley at a few and "liberated" of my wallet! (heh heh)
great blog!!Keep it up!