Friday, April 14, 2006


I used to like eggs. Not anymore. All my people I have heard about red eggs or bloody eggs. I had never seen any. Not til recently anyway. I purchased an 18 pack of eggs from Freddy G Meyers. I am fixen breakfast and break a couple of eggs. It take 13 scramblers to feed these people. I was almost up to 13 and out come this red egg mixing in with my other eggs. AHHHHHHH!Gross! Shit! Fuck! What the HELL is that?! I had heard of them but had never seen them. AHhh. What a waste of eggs, I throw them out. I crack some more eggs and serve them up to the family. I decide not to eat any. SO a couple of weeks go by, the shock had worn off and it happened again.

Same store same kind of eggs. AHHHHH! SHIT! Not again. It happened two more times over the period of a couple of months. I can no longer eat eggs. They gross me out and I am traumatized for life. I think I should sue.

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