Friday, April 14, 2006

Bridge Beavers

I have been wanting to get a picture of the local bridge beaver for you, but they have been gone. For a couple of weeks now I have not seen them. Then at last all of sudden beaver pelts for sale again. I am figuring they were in jail. Maybe they had a beaver pelt seller crackdown.

But I hope to have a picture for you soon.

I especially like it when they are all bent over the railing of the bridge lookin sexy and gross. I don't know how much more hotness one can stand. Really just makes my morning. They are out there bright and early gettin to work. I would say at the crack of Dawn but she hates it when I say that. There are these lil old men picken them up. You know they got some kind of funk goin on. It is all just sad.

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