Monday, March 27, 2006

Hunger Strike

So I just read this article about a dude on a hunger strike. Sorry I just don't understand. He is not eating to protest whatever. What point does he make by not eating? He is punishing himself more then whoever he is protesting.

I really don't understand protestors in general. We have these weekly anti-war protest in Portland. They are always downtown at five o'clock.

It makes no sense. I am so glad I do not work downtown because I would run someone over. Another thing why do war protestors wear camouflage. Are they waging war?
I thought they did not like war? Do they think George Bush is watching?
Why are they punishing the hard working people of Portland by clogging up traffic every freaking Friday? I think maybe these people need hobbies or a plane ticket to Washington. They can camp out and yell at George every morning. Then he will hear them for sure. And you won't be in Portland. Freakin smelly hippies! Too bad there aren't any gun toten Texans around to take pot shots at them.

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