Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gay marriage will never ever ever ever ever ever pass in the U.S. Civil Unions yes. Gay marriage no. The word Marriage is what scares people. I really do not think that Gay Marriage would damage the sanctity of marriage. People like Nikki Hilton, Brittany, Madonna and others have managed to do that. They think it is just something you do and can undo.

Back to my point. If the gay rights groups would get past insisting on having the term marriage in there it would make a huge difference to the American public. Civil unions is what the people will vote for. I live in one of the most Liberal states in the union and gay marriage failed here. Of all states it failed here. So people can not say it is the Republicans who are voting against gay marriage across the board it is all parties. Democrat, Republican and Independent.

And for the Gay rights groups to limit to a Republican thing just defeats their cause. They need to take notice and see that it is an across the board problem. It is not the Republicans blocking gay marriage it is everyone.

Read my lips civil unions

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