Monday, April 28, 2008

Dear Mr Sharpton,

I would call you Reverend Al Sharpton, but you quit working for the Lord a long time ago. You are basically a charlatan. You lost sight of you goal and purpose long ago. What your doing NOW is inciting riots. If you continue with your shutting down the city campaign more people will die and there will be way more violence then the 50 bullet wedding day shooting that has caused this reaction from you. I believe that if riots do occur from your actions and encouragement that you should be prosecuted for any deaths, beatings or thefts that occur. Remember Rodney King and the shutting down of shut LA. Remember the riots. The insanity.Remember the man that was pulled from his truck and beat. You are asking for a repeat performance and it is frightening. What did the population of New York do to be punished? What did the population of LA do to be punished?

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