Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hollywood lets its money makers die. Marilyn Monroe, Dana Plato, Jonathon Bandis and now Anna Nicole. Paris Hiltons name will likely be on that list and some other Hollywood starlets. Hollywood takes people and use them til all the money is gone. Then they turn their back and head for the new big money maker.

I always felt really sad for Anna. Coming from a screwed up background, with a messed up mother I know that there are only two ways to go. Up or Down and down goes no where fast. And if you don't stop it or no one stops it you never come up again.

Anna Nicole has needed help for a long time and everyone ignored it and kept pushing her back out there to help make them more money. The Trim Spa commercials were a big signal. She slurred her words in those commercials and they just kept running them smiling like nothing is wrong. Hugh Hefner and Playboy turned their back on her long ago. It is quite sad. She seemed funny, had a good sense of humor, loved her kids and she could poke fun at herself.

When people are thrown into Hollywood with no back up this happens to them Lindsey Lohan for example. She needs to take her rehab serious or this will be her.

Young Hollywood starlets need to pay attention to what has just happened.

The Olsen twins are messed up and Hollywood keeps smiling at them telling them how great they are just like there is nothing wrong. When you can look at them and tell there is a problem. They do not look healthy. Maybe their dad and uncles, not their real dad Bob Sagat, need to step up and help these girls. They made money off the backs of these girls now it is time for them to give them something back. Before they are the next Sad Big Story.

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