Saturday, January 20, 2007

What the hell is Rosie talking about?! The VIEW feeds us crap everyday. Its a fucking liberal crap fest for Christ Sakes. American Idol is awesome. All those people coming in there thinking they can sing. Don't blame Paula, Simon and Randy, blame their friends and family. Someone needed to smack these people in the head a long time ago and tell them that they SUCK! It is not the judges fault these people are delusional. They are just nice enough to tell them they are delusional. And thank GAWD they do tell them.

This all started with the libs not wanting anyone to feel bad. There are no losers in kids sports everyones a winner. There are no F's on report cards. It is the Liberal attitude that has allowed these people to go on for so long thinking they are good. If someone sucks at something they need to be told they suck at it.

How come it is okay for Rosie to feed us crap for breakfast every damn morning of the week. But it is not okay for American Idol to feed us crap in the evening. Rosie is loud obnoxious and sometimes down right verbally abusive to people. I think people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

THANK GAWD FOR SIMON TELLING THESE PEOPLE THE TRUTH. Now they can move on to what they can do. What is he supposed to do coddle these psychos and make them feel good about their singing. These people need to know they don't have talent!

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