Friday, January 12, 2007

Apparently 14 people have resigned over this book "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid". I never liked Jimmy Carter, as a kid he gave me the creeps. When he came on T.V. I would leave the room. I wondered how people could elect someone so weird looking as President. It also turned me off that his brother was so disgusting and drunk. Jimmy just always stood there and grinned. With his drunk ass brother by his side grinnin.

As an adult I have liked him even less. Hollywood seems to love him though. Paula Dean went to his house or something on her show and just raved about how great he was. I turned the channel. Couldn't watch it. His views are so extreme to me.

Also there was the great "Peace" Deal he brokered under the Clinton administration. Worked well. And he still acts like he did something grand. He made a deal with the devil shaking hands with Arafat. Grinin like a ginny eaten briars the whole time.

Hurray for these people standing up for the truth.

1. Alan R. Abrams, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Servidyne, Inc., an Atlanta-based company serving the needs of commercial customers in the hospitality, industrial, corporate and institutional real estate markets.

2. Steve Berman, managing partner, OA Development, an Atlanta based real estate developer company.

3. Michael Coles, chairman of Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee Co., the country's No. 2 coffeehouse chain.

4. Doug Hertz, president & CEO, United Distributors, a privately held Atlanta beverage distribution business.

5. Jonathan Golden, Partner and Chairman, Arnall, Golden, Gregory LLP, an Atlanta law firm.

6. Barbara Babbit Kaufman, author; formerly of Chapter 11 Books as its founder.

7. Liane Levetan, former state senator and DeKalb CEO.

8. Jeff Levy, Chairman and CEO of Atlanta-based PrDigital Media and its parent company, Biltmore Communications. PrDigital provides high density residential and commercial properties with a complete suite of broadband services.

9. Leon Novak, principal, The Trilogy Group, a full-service provider of commercial real estate services based in Atlanta.

10. Gail Solomon, Georgia Dome executive services manager.

11. Cathey Steinberg, Executive Director of the Juvenile Justice Fund, former state Consumers' Insurance Advocate and former state Senator.

12. Steve Selig, President and Chairman of the Board of Selig Enterprises. Has been in the commercial real estate field and employed with Selig Enterprises for over 35 years. He is also the Chairman of the Board of AAA Parking, a Selig subsidiary.

13. William B. Schwartz, Jr. was the U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas from 1977-1981 during the Carter Administration.

14. William B. Schwartz III, formerly senior wealth management professional at Offitbank, an arm of Wachovia, Rockefeller & Co Compiled by Joni Zeccola and Sharon Gaus.

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