Monday, May 08, 2006

Tom Cruise sucks and he scares people.

So my husband and I have had a running debate about Tom Cruise. He thought that everyone was going to run out to see MI3. I said they weren't. That chicks don't like Tom Cruise anymore. He said why should it matter if chicks find him scary or not. Because chicks go see movies with the boyfriends or husbands they don't want to see MI3.

First he started dating a girl that America still sees as a little girl from Dawsons creek. Then he jumped up and down on Oprah's couch. Scaring the hell out of women everywhere. I think the topper was when he said he would eat the placenta. Oh and the whole thing with Brook Shields that pissed off chicks everywhere. Especially ones who suffered from PostPartum Depression. Plus the whole CULT thing tends to turn people off.

A message to the men out there.

Men like crazy chicks. Chicks don't like crazy dudes. Psycho chicks like crazy dudes.

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