Monday, May 01, 2006


I am very distraught about the whole Rosie thing. The reason she has been absent from T.V. is because nobody wants to watch her. She is loud, obnoxious and rude. People did not read her magazine and they quit watching her show. But yet The View has chosen to shove her down our throats as well as Star's. It is not a good idea. People do not like Rosie. After she yelled at Tom Selleck for being a member of the NRA, people were turned off by her. Let alone the fact that her bodyguard was later arrested on weapons charges.

I love Barbara Walters just loves Rosie but people just don't like her anymore. And putting her in Merediths spot. Meredith is loved by American housewives everywhere. And you replace her with someone like Rosie. I am sure there is another Lesbian out there that could fill the shoes of Meredith. Isn't there a hot Lesbian out there to fill her shoes? Portia De Rossi?

They are trying to attract another demographic to their show. Or maybe they are trying to be more diverse by putting in a lesbian. But come on.

I am really distressed about this whole situation. I think the best bet is for Rosie to pursue the offer from Celebrity fit club.

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