Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Potter does not understand

Mayor potter please come spend a couple of hours with me. Explore the many sides of 82nd street with me. See what we put up with daily. There are tweekers freely wanderin 82nd. They live in the woods behind our neighborhood.

They are sex offenders,many are convicted of sex crime against children, they are thieves and probably some even murders. We were slowly getting control of the area because of the prostitute, drug free zone. But I guess Mayor Potter got tired of them roaming around downtown, so when the zones expired he chose not to reinstate them. It is like all these people were hiding somewhere and came out as soon as the ones expired. The homeless tweeker population has tripled around here. I know Mayor Potter like to just think of them smiply as homeless. But they are not just simply homeless. They are dangerous, drug fueled wackoes. Intent on getting money any way they can t score drugs. Whether it is selling themselves in front of Fred Meyer's, or at the bus stops our children stand at. Or stealing our credit cards or breaking into our homes and cars.

That is who these people are Mr. Potter and you have freely realized them upon us not caring what the repercussion suffered by your tax paying citizens. It is like he cares more about the welfare of these tweekers, crack heads and heroin addicts then he does about the tax paying citizens of his city.

They have also seen fit to remove the Drug Enforcement patrols at night. That is when these people are out and about. And the police and the Mayor just let them roam freely.

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