Thursday, May 31, 2007

Boss Man is headed off to war

So The Boss Man is headed off to war. He is a Jewnolast in the Reserves. A Jewnolast is a cross between a Jewish guy and a Journalist. Boss Man was in Vietnam, filmed the US leaving there. He will be there 15 months. Him and the Ol Lady got married a few weeks ago. We had their reception at our house. It was a good time. Made some briscut and new friends. Saw some old ones.

I did not realize how sad it would make me The Boss Man heading off to war, it is really sad though. He will only be strapped to the side of a helicopter in full body armor. Filming a war. I will try and keep you posted on whats up with him.

Be safe soldier!

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Geo said...

Post some photos, too.