Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My dog

Sophie the dog

I have a dog that really stinks. I have tried every kind of food except Eucanuba, which I bought for her on Saturday for 35 dollars for a 40 pound bag. I told the lady at Pets mart about how much my dog stank. She said it is most likely her anal glands. Yeah I have been told that. But personally I can't bring my self to ask some one to squeeze my dogs anal glands.

So I got on line and found out how to do it. I snapped on my gloves and decided to do it myself. The whole process was successful. I think any way she has been running and playing with Mongo again. Which she has not done for a while?

I think the whole thing left her feeling violated. And me queasy. But it does help to take a couple of shots before squeezing your dogs butt glands. She still watches me out of the corner of her eyes to make sure I'm not coming at her again.

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