Saturday, August 05, 2006

Poor Dems

Poor ol Joe he is actually the Democrats only chance to win the Presidency. He understands the war on Terror and supports it. That is what they need to do right now.

But instead they are hanging on to the tail coats of Crazy Cindy and Mindless Moore and going along for the ride. They actually think that's what people want. That during this day and time that Americans want a pussy for President. You know they are going to run some giant soft spoken pussy boy. With pretty hair. That's going to loose and loose big.

It is really sad the way they are treating this guy. He has loyally served the Democratic party and they turn on him. Like bullies in the school yard.

That is what they get for putting Nancy and Howard in charge.


UberStreeckX said...

I love your choice of words. I don't agree but well spoken. It makes you wish those running could speak freely.

msfanni said...

I wish they could speak freely. That is what they should be able to do.