Thursday, June 01, 2006

People like me

You know there are alot of people my age who vote Republican or Democrat just for one or two issues. Like me I vote Republican because of taxes and terrorism. I support gay rights, I am pro choice both typically Democrat issues. I also believe Pot should be legalized and all the money should be given to schools. I like drinken, cussin and smokin. I believe in God but don't go to church.

To me my taxes are more important then gay rights and terrorism is more important then pro choice. While pro choice is important. People who blow us up seems to be a bigger issue to me.
Plus Democrat leaders are weird. They are all cock eyed and goofy lookin. Even the spokes people for Dems are weird.

What we need is a another political party. One that wraps everything into one group. We need an independent candidate that is not totally off the wall. We need to leading politicians to break off from their prospective parties and run as independents. Say McCain and Lieberman or Giuliani and Condi. We need some legitimate independent candidates to run.

There are a whole bunch of twenty, thirty and forty something people who are disenfranchised from both parties.

Log Cabin Republicans grasp it now we need a candidate that does.

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